How do you actually clean a tank

We have purpose designed equipment which will vacuum the sludge from the floor of the tank without stirring up the water leaving the water clean and fresh.

How often should I clean my tank.

Government Regulations and Qld Health guidelines suggest every two to three years.

How much will it cost

This will depend on several factors including size of tank, access and what issues you have. Call us anytime and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

How much water will I lose

Our equipment is designed to remove the sludge quickly and efficiently minimising water loss.

Do you have to get inside my tank

Our equipment is designed so that the operator can remain on the outside of the tank during the clean. In most instances, it will only be the floor of the tank that needs a clean, however if the walls of the tank are dirty and or have algae growth, the operator will need to enter the tank. In these cases, the walls will be completely scrubbed and the entire contents of the tank will need to be discarded. Algae usually only grows when sunlight can enter the tank. If you have this problem talk to us about fitting a sun filter underneath the leaf filter on your tank. This solution will prevent any further algae growth. We are fully insured and confined space compliant.

Why is my water dirty after rain and why am I needing to change filters more often.

When it rains, the water entering the tank stirs up the sludge thus there will be suspended particles within the body of water.

Why does my Rain water get smelly

When water falls on the roof and travels down the gutters, it can collect leaf matter, bird and animal droppings, dead and decaying insects and can flow past dead frogs and other vermin causing your water to have an unpleasant odour. This can often become more evident after rain and in hot weather.

What can I do about this.

The Water Tank Cleaning Company can now test your drinking water for the presence of E’coli. This will determine if there are E’coli bacteria in your water. We would then clean the floor of your tank and purify the water to Qld Health Guidelines.

Can you clean bore and stock tanks

Yes we can. We have travelled to cattle properties, piggeries and farms. Cleaning out stock and bore tanks will help to preserve the life of your pumps and filters.

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