We clean and repair rainwater tanks, bore water tanks, commercial and stock tanks

• Tanks cleaned without emptying them
• Tanks can be FULL or low on water
• Minimal water loss and disturbance
• We fit covers & repair cracks
• Free advice
Many people are not aware that rain water tanks should be cleaned minimum every 2 – 3 years, according to environmental health and government guidelines. We have a mini lab and can test your water for the presence of e.coli, which is a common cause of upset stomachs, particularly in the very young, the elderly or people with other health issues. We service a large area of Queensland.
The Water Tank Cleaning Company Queensland (SEQ) utilises a unique Australian invention which has been designed so that sedimentary and other deposits are removed from the vessel with no disturbance of the water body and with minimal water loss. With the design and development of our unique system, as water tank cleaners, we have a much safer and more efficient way of cleaning all tanks including plastic, poly, fibreglass, concrete and galvanised water tanks with procedures that eliminate the dangers of working in confined spaces.

We have public liability insurance and are confined space compliant.

The Water Tank Cleaning Company has been operating since 1992 and has service providers in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

Water Tank Cleaning SEQ offer the following services in addition to the cleaning of all types of tanks.

  • Ecoli testing and treatment of water
  • Water catchment systems, advice and installation. Example: first flushes, sun blocks and screens to prevent algae growth and vermin from entering your water tank
  • We repair concrete, corrugate and poly tanks.
  • We can fit steel banding to concrete tanks to preserve the integrity of the tank
  • We can supply and fit high quality potable water safe rubber liners to water tanks. These meet AS4020 for drinking water and AS2070 the Australian standard for plastic materials which come in to contact with food related products. This product is a reinforced material that contains no harmful BPA materials. It does not leave a PVC smell or taint to the water like PVC liners can.

Call us today for a solution to your water tank problem. We offer fast friendly advice and service

Corrugated Water Tanks Professionally Cleaned

Cliff cleaning a corrugated tank

Keeping your roof and first flush system clean is important for maintaining healthy water quailty

First Flush System

Is dirty, smelly water coming out of your taps

Dirty Water

Build up of dirt and debris in water filters can lead to poor water quailty and poor health

Dirty Filter

Clean fresh water flowing is what we are looking for.

Clean Water

Regular cleaning of your watertank basket is important for the health of your water.

Dirty Tank Basket

When was the last time you had your drinking water tested for e-coli

Cliff testing water for e.coli

We can repair concrete tanks using steel bands.

Steel Banding

We look forward to providing our clients with the best possible drinking water, call for an obligation free quote today

Maintain your rainwater tank

  • Have it professionally cleaned every 2 – 3 years
  • Cut back any low branches that may drop leaves and twigs
  • Keep the top of the tank free from debris
  • Clean out the filter basket regularly
  • Keep your roof and gutters clean
  • If your water starts tasting off, give us a call
Our Service Area extends north to Maryborough, south to the Gold Coast, west to Birdsville and east to Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay.
Our Service Area extends north to Maryborough, south to the Gold Coast, west to Birdsville and east to Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay.


Cliff and Angela Riddle
Mobile: 0411 597 566

Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 7:00pm
We are available after hours for emergencies

ABN: 71 122 794 734